2nd Edition of Thiers Meetings
These business meetings are back for the cutlery industry. Already organizing the main exhibition in Europe, Coutellia with 200 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors, we wish to fill a gap to promote encounters between professionals and contractors in the industry in Thiers, capital world of cutlery.
A unique occasion for:
• Suppliers to develop their business network, to initiate contacts with contractors and Large Groups and to meet a wide range of manufacturers of cutting tools.

• Manufacturers and users of cutting tools to identify new expertises and technological solutions.
The contractors and French Large groups.
CEOs, R&D Directors, Procurement Managers from Large Groups and cutlers experts:
Food industry Furnishing, Wood industry hairdressing Construction & metallic structures & buildings Culture / Sport / Entertainment   Defence / Weapons  Editing / Publishing / Reproduction Home automation Agriculture machinery  Home equipments  Scientific & laboratory equipment  Sport equipment Industrial Equipment Public spaces and offices equipments Publics works Green space Mining  Rail, rail Hotellerie Clothing industry Leisure, Toys Industry Medical, Surgery equipment   Goldsmithing Catering equipements Security & safety...
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Supplier' skills:
Steels Sharpening consumables Adjustement Assembly / Gluing Assemblies and sub-assemblies Wood materials Ceramics Boiler Packaging Communication Composites Web design Horns & ivory Leather Cutting Waterjet cutting Products design, Engineering Elastomers Electro-mechanisms Enameling Packaging Die stamping Grinding / Polishing Stamping ERP Cases Equipment manufacturing Tools manufacturing Machinery manufacturing Shaping Foundry Drilling Forge Forming Polishing Supplies Milling Lasers 3D design software Logistics, transportation Machine tools Handles Marking & Engraving Equipments & Machinery Precision mechanics Mechanical welding Corkscrew helixes Ferrous & non-ferrous materials Micro-mechanics Modeling Assembling Molding Foams Cutting tools for industry Painting Precious stones Folding Thermoplastic & thermosetting polymers Rectification Recycling Machinery repairing and installation Sawing Export services Online sale solutions Blowing Blade supports Microelectronic systemes Tapping Textiles Sheets metals Shooting Heat Treatment Electrolytic and surface treatments Thermal transfer Machining Glassware Screws...
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How are the B2B meetings organised?

• Register online:
During the creation of your member area, you fill in your technical details, and select your participation formula. Your entry will be submitted to the Organizing Committee.

• Make your meeting requests: 
At the opening of the catalogue, one month before the event, you select and solicit the companies you want to meet, with the possibility to argument your requests.

• Confirm the requests received:
Each participant has the opportunity to ask you for a meeting; then you just have to accept or decline their requests.

• Receive your personal agenda:
One week before the event, you receive your schedule of meetings that includes the requests validated by both parts, and the conferences you selected.
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Place Saint Exupéry
63300 • Thiers • FRANCE
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MAY, Thursday 17TH 2018
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